Monday, October 29, 2007

Solly Sol is alive!

Above photo (Left to right): Scan, Al, Miguel and Solly Sol in the men’s room at Sloane House. School year 1986-87.

I got the following e-mail from Solly Sol…

Yo Al,

Great to hear from you and really mind blowing to see some of the photos in your blog. I am very much alive and well and living with my wife out in Montgomery county, PA. I was hoping that Joe would pass my contact info around and it seems he has done so.

Just got married last year and I am a manager for a technical support desk. I am also singing in a death metal band ( I have not kept in contact with anyone from SVA in a long time (I was quite lost for a while) but have recently reconnected with a few-namely Joe and Jason Cotter ( I don't know if you remember him or not). Jason married Sue Neuman (another Sloane house former inmate) and they seem to be doing quite well. I think the last I had heard from any of you guys was Steve called me for a reunion at Twins, which I was not able to make. I did have the chance to walk by Sloane House a few years ago and it seems to have been turned into expensive condos. But then again much in New York has changed since our days at SVA.

How are things with you? I am glad to see that things are going good for you and that you are doing the comic book thing professionally. Let me know what else is going on.

Feel free to forward my e-mail address to those guys and keep posting those pictures. I am going to try to dig some up myself but I do not think I have much.



Above photo: A recent photo of Solly Sol and his wife, Carol.

If anyone is interested in contacting Solly Sol, please e-mail him at:


Scan wann-a-bees…

Above photo (Left to right): Miguel, Sean, and Al doing their best Scan imitation at the Sloane House dormitory. School year 1986-87.

Scan had previously mentioned that, on a few occasions back at Sloane House, the members of P.I.C. would mock one another by roaming the halls dressed and behaving like another P.I.C. member. Why? Beats me. I guess there were days when we were bored.


Sunday, October 28, 2007


I just discovered a new and amazing comic called ATOMIC ROBO! It’s like Mike Mignola’s HELLBOY, but funnier and less Gothy. ATOMIC ROBO has Nazis, robots, and monsters. Ya can’t go wrong with Nazis, robots, and monsters.

I give ATOMIC ROBO #1 four out of five NM’s.

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Burt Hasen Dies at 85…

From the New York Times…

Burt Hasen, a New York painter who drew inspiration from his experience working with maps as a military technician during World War II, died on Friday in Manhattan. He was 85 and lived in Lower Manhattan.

He died after being ill for several months, said his wife, Mary Hasen.

For more info check out this New York Times article.

Mr. Hasen passed away on September 7th. This is sad. Burt Hasen, cousin to cartoonist Irwin Hasen, was my painting instructor at the School of Visual Arts. Mr. Hasen could really paint. He was an amazing artist.


Summer gathering 1986...

During the summer break in August 1986, the members of P.I.C. took a trip to the World Trade Center, had some food at a Mexican restaurant that Sean had worked at (I believe it was called Banditos), and went on a short cruise on the Staten Island Ferry. All photos taken by Sean.

Above photo (Left to right): Pro, Rachel, Al, and Scan. This is one of my favorite P.I.C. photos. August 1986.

Above photo (Left to right): Pro, Rachel, Al, and Scan at the World Trade Center. August 1986.

Above photo (Clockwise): Rachel, Pro, Scan, and Al stop for lunch. August 1986.


Some more "Five Bucks" Bill news…

Below are photos with descriptions sent by Bill…

Here are shots of me…

My daughter (Sarah) in a more respectable pose…

A photo (Mother and Child)…

An assemblage (personal injury)…

And another assemblage in progress (with video in the head).

Here's a pic from my job. I was evaluating child safety seats with airbags after a child was killed.

Apparently, "Five Bucks" Bill was at Sloane House for two years (School years 1985-86 and 1986-87). Here’s some further comments from Bill:

Yeah. I can't recall why we wouldn't have seen each other as much as the first year. I remember Sean living in someone else's studio that second year- but other than that and working at Radio City the second year is a blur. I remember throwing up in the bathroom after chocolate chip ice cream and schnapps...that was definitely the first year though. And I threw that TV into the pit- but I think that was the first year too. Most of the stuff I remember was from the first year with you guys. Anyway it sounds like you did some great things with PIC. Did all of you guys stay the full four years? -Bill


Friday, October 26, 2007

"Five Bucks" Bill is alive and well!

Above photo (Left to right): Bill’s wife, Rhonda, and daughter, Sarah.

I got the below e-mail from Bill:


I am IMPRESSED you are doing what you set out to do- and pumped to see it Nov 15th- (my Bday).

I'll answer your questions as they come to mind:

I actually attended 2 years at SVA. Why did I leave? Well, for several reasons. I was homesick and girlfriend sick- yes I married her. I also wanted to do more academic studies as well. I've always been a real manic right brain/ left brain guy. So I came back to Oklahoma, married my high school sweetheart, went to the University of Oklahoma and became a mechanical engineer.

Now the job I do is different from most engineers. I fell in with some professors doing forensic engineering; examining accidents and failed equipment and testifying in court. So I'm an expert witness. I've been doing it for about 16 years now. I started my own consulting firm 8 years ago. The stories are almost always tragic, and I am called by client lawyers to investigate. My reward for all my work is to be locked in a room for 3-6 hours sparring with an opposing lawyer, whose livelihood at that moment amounts to attacking everything I have to say and running my credentials through the mud. You get the picture. But really I enjoy that part the most sometimes. Being my own boss of course means no structure, every day is a new adventure- the artist existence essentially.

We live in Norman, OK. We are both into cooking and dining in a big way. We pull out all the stops every Saturday night. We have eaten our way through New Orleans, San Francisco, London, Rome and Paris on various vacations.

I also love racing cars with the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) whenever I have a sports car- which I do at the moment. That happens about once a month in large parking lots with cones. It's called autocross.

As for art, I belong to a local group of visual artists and create work for shows we do. It's called 5 to 9. I do oils on board, photography, and assemblages.

I am active in my local Catholic church and am a Knight of Columbus there. Sarah goes to Catholic school.

I like reading history- Churchill's six volumes about World War II, and Julia Child's memoir are recent.

I listen to a variety of stuff- country, alternative, blues, and lately Spanish guitar pieces.

As I mentioned, I've been married to the sweetheart for 18 years, my daughter is 4 and my son will be born any day now.

Now for some questions to you:

-where are you?

-what is PIC?

-what have you all been doing all these years?

I will send pics of me and some art work in the next email.


Above photo (Left to right): Pro, Al, and Bill stop by New York’s Parson’s School of Design. Why? I have no idea, either. School year 1985-86.

Now, to address some of Bill’s questions:

Bill: Where are you?

Al: I’m living about sixty miles North of Manhattan.

Above photo: A Polaroid of P.I.C. while living at Sloane House. (clockwise) Sean, Miguel, Al, Scan, and Pro. School year 1986-1987.

Bill: What is PIC?

Al: Yeah, you weren’t around by the time that we named our group. We named our band of friends "P.I.C." after Scan came home to the dorm carrying the famous P.I.C. sign. He had found the sign in the trash outside a movie theater that had finished showing the film 52 PICK UP. One day, around 1993, we decided to put their genius and artistic talent to good use and formed P.I.C. TOONS STUDIOS. We published some comics, made an animated short, and even produced a small music cd.

Bill: What have you all been doing all these years?

Al: I have been working in graphic design, animation, and comics. I am a comic book inker for DC Comics and Archie Comic Publications. Plus, I self-publish my own comics and write for BACK ISSUE magazine. I’m active in my church, Cornerstone Baptist Church.

Above photo: Al with the famous P.I.C. sign. 1998.


Bill, and Scan’s 1992 visit…

Above photo (Left to right): Bill, Al, and Rosemary walking through New York’s Central Park. May 1986.

"Five Bucks" Bill is alive and well! More news to follow.

Above photo (Left to right): Scan, Miguel, Al, and Pro in Jersey City, NJ. September 1992.

Update (added photo): Above photo (Left to right): Sean, Miguel, Al, and Scan in Jersey City, NJ. September 1992.


Happy Birthday, Steve Pro!

Hey! It’s Pro’s birthday today. Happy Birthday, Mr. Pro!

Above photo: Steve Pro during his visit to New York last April.

Stop by Pro’s website to see his excellent artwork!


Tuesday, October 23, 2007


It’s no secret that I have been a Lethargic Lad fan for many, many years. I was blessed to have been able to ink a few stories for LETHARGiC COMICS, and to even have Lethargic Lad team-up with Nihilist-Man. So, I was quite happy to receive the LETHARGiC LAD: TOPICS OF UNCLEAR IMPORTANCE trade paperback in the mail yesterday. I called Greg Hyland to thank him for the trade paperback, the shiny Lethargic Lad and Nihilist-Man sketch in the book, and the copies of DORK TOWER that he included in the package. Greg’s alright. :)

LETHARGiC LAD: TOPICS OF UNCLEAR IMPORTANCE also includes Greg Hyland’s amazing chapter of Crossover Classics.

The new Lethargic Lad trade paperback, LETHARGiC LAD: TOPICS OF UNCLEAR IMPORTANCE, is now on sale exclusively at!

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Joey B Update!

Above photo: Joey B in Costa Rica last May.

I spoke with Joe last night. He’s out of the hospital, and staying at his mom’s place. Joe is walking around, now, and was even able to take a trip to the comic book store (he purchased NEXUS #99… which is an excellent comic). Thanks again for all of your prayers. Joe certainly appreciates it.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

It was ten years ago today!

Time flies, don’t it? It seems like yesterday when Michael and Beth were wed. Happy wedding anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Korn!

Above photo: The happy couple, Michael and Beth.

Above photo: At the wedding reception, members of P.I.C. enjoyed a few drinks and smokes with the ladies.

During the weekend of the wedding, P.I.C. toured the lovely sights of Philadelphia…

Above photo (Left to right): Jen, Pro, Bucky, Michael, and Miguel.

Above photo (Left to right): Bucky and Al. Remember kids,… smoking is bad, bad, bad. It’ll kill you. So, don’t smoke.


Monday, October 15, 2007

Where is "Five Bucks" Bill?

Above photo: (Left to right) Al and Bill at Sloane House. 1986.

Back in 1985, Bill was attending the School of Visual Arts, and was an early member of P.I.C. (although the name "P.I.C." wasn’t established until the following school year). We all lost contact with Bill after he left SVA in 1986. Where is "Five Bucks" Bill today? The search is on.


Saturday, October 13, 2007


I came across two reviews of NIHILIST-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS #1. Normally, I avoid reading reviews of my work. Oh, well…

"Nihilist-Man and his Amazing Friends #1: P.I.C.toons Studios - I somehow entirely missed this in Previews...the "Amazing Friends" includes Lethargic Lad, you see, so I would have ordered it had I noticed. There's also E-Man and Buzzboy, and a generally long creator list on the cover. Rather than one big jam story, there's four shorter pieces with rotating guest casts (Kid Cockroach in the first; Lethargic Lad, Buzzboy, Hunter and Him (of Lethargic Comics, not the Adam Warlock one) in the second; Iago the deviled egg in the third; E-Man, Nova Kane and Buzzboy again in the fourth). Each piece is a collaboration to some extent, some being jam pieces with multiple artists in the same panel, while others just have Nihilist-Man's creator on writing/inks and the guest's creator on pencils. All of the involved creators and creations have webcomics, with URLs at the inside back cover. I still don't know why he's *Nihilist*-Man, though. A bit flippant and devil-may-care, perhaps, but he didn't come across as nihilistic. Recommended."

""Adam Warlock Needs To Have A Corndog" Award to Nihilist-Man and his Amazing Friends #1"

Above quotes can be found at Dave’s Rants.

"Nihilist-Man and his Amazing Friends is what crossover issues should be. The art and story work together and create a gem for fans young and old alike. Being a huge E-Man fan I was immediately drawn to this title, plus the fact that Buzzboy and Lethargic Lad appear makes this first issue even better. Worth every penny!"

Above quote is from Ryan Mullenix, and can be found at ComiXpress.

As we mentioned previously, you can also purchase online your copy of NIHILIST-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS #1 here. The book is also available at finer comic book stores everywhere. If your retailer hasn’t ordered copies, the book is listed in the June issue of PREVIEWS. The code is JUN073801.

For a preview of NIHILIST-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS #1, go here.

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Cullum!

Hey! It’s Mr. Cullum’s birthday today. Happy Birthday!

Above photos: Mr. Cullum during his bachelor party. As memory serves, Mr. Cullum was playing a game where he had to guess the alcoholic contents from each shot glass. If he could not, then he had to drink another shot and guess again. What deranged mind could have thought of such a devious drinking game? April 1993.


Friday, October 12, 2007

P.I.C. and Hamilton Square Park...

Above photo: (Left to right) Miguel, Bucky, Al, and Pro with Bob the Wonder Dog. P.I.C. members (roomies) at Hamilton Square Park, Jersey City, NJ. Winter 1992/1993.

I always did like this photo. Back in the 1990’s most of P.I.C. had lived in Jersey City during one point or another. At the time of this photo, P.I.C. lived in a four-story brownstone right across the street from Hamilton Square Park.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Birthday, Bucky!

Hey! It’s Bucky’s birthday today. Happy Birthday, Bucky!

Above photo: Bucky being interviewed by ABC News. 1990’s.

Stop by Bucky’s website to see some excellent artwork!


Saturday, October 6, 2007

Joey B Update!

Above photo: Joey B during his two week stay in Costa Rica last May.

Today, I spoke with Joe’s mother. She told me that Joe’s surgery went well. The doctors didn’t have to replace his heart valve. They just had to repair it. Although, he’s in a lot of pain, Joe is recovering well. Please continue to keep Joe in your prayers. Thanks!


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy Birthday, Heather!

Hey! It’s Heather’s birthday today. Happy Birthday, Heather!

Above photo: Heather at the Wax Museum in Las Vegas.

Stop by Heather’s website to see some awesome artwork!


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Nihilist-Man appearing on LAW AND ORDER?

It's true. I was contacted by the folks of "Law & Order Criminal Intent". They're going to be using some of my characters (Nihilist-Man, Kid-Cockroach, and Terror X) and my artwork in a sequence for episode seven. This episode of "Law & Order Criminal Intent" should be airing on November 15th.

Update:The studio just called me. So, yeah, November 15th on the USA Network. The episode is titled "Self Made". Two of the pieces (one is posted below) were printed at six feet tall each. Now, I gotta figure out how I can get them home.

Here's some info and artwork...