Monday, November 26, 2007

I am thankful!

It’s true. I am.

Jennifer Contino of The Pulse asked: "What are you the most thankful for?". See how some of our favorite pros answered that question and feel free to add your own thoughts to the mix.

Of course, I probably should have gone into more detail with my answer, but, oh well. Check out the article.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

BACK ISSUE #25 now on sale!

Press Release:

During a recent press conference, Al "Ink-Boy" Nickerson stated, "ROG-2000 is one of my favorite comic book characters. So, I was so pleased to write this article about ROG as well as interview John Byrne, Nick Cuti, and Joe Staton concerning John Byrne’s Bucket of Bolts."

BACK ISSUE #25 unchains comics’ "Men of Steel"! Go behind the scenes of Iron Man’s influential ’80s run by BOB LAYTON and DAVID MICHELINIE, and steel yourself for RICH BUCKLER’s first-ever interview about his cyborg creation Deathlok the Demolisher! Also: MIKE GRELL on the Warlord, JOHN BYRNE on ROG 2000 (by Al Nickerson), Charlton’s Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman comics, Marvel’s Machine Man, the FF’s H.E.R.B.I.E. the Robot, Superman vs. Brainiac in the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes comic strip, and DC’s Steel, The Indestructible Man. Plus: "Backstage Pass" looks at 1979’s Legends of the Super-Heroes TV specials starring ADAM WEST and BURT WARD! Art by and commentary from JACK KIRBY, BARRY WINDSOR-SMITH, DON HECK, GEORGE TUSKA, and more. With a riveting Iron Man cover by Bob Layton! Edited by MICHAEL EURY. Includes a FREE Preview of DRAW! #15!

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Be careful!

I got this ad from Colleen Doran’s blog.

Be careful! Read your contracts. Don't sign away what you own.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Newness for Invincible…


New costume! New beginning! New home! New Partner! Everything is all-new starting with this issue. Featuring an all-new cover by comic book super-star JIM LEE! If you’ve ever thought about reading INVINCIBLE this is the jumping-on point you’ve been waiting for. The next fifty issues start here!




ATOMIC ROBO #2 came out today! If you're tired of reading sucky comics, then give ATOMIC ROBO a shot.

Here’s some preview pages from issue #2.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Who kissed Buffy?

If you’re a Buffy fan and aren’t reading BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: SEASON EIGHT, then you’re missing out. I’ve been wondering who kissed Buffy to get her out of her dream-state from issue #3. The artwork above and below looks like it answers that question. The above panel is from issue #3 as Buffy wakes up. The panels below are from issue #4. Special thanks to Xurk for posting the artwork.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Don't forget! This Thursday on Law & Order: Criminal Intent!

Don’t forget! You'll see my characters and artwork on LAW & ORDER CRIMINAL INTENT which airs November 15th on the USA Network. The episode is titled "Self Made".

You can catch a clip of this episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent on their website under: "EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW CLIP". My characters and artwork appear on posters throughout the scene.

For more info go here.


Friday, November 9, 2007

Justice League Unlimited #39 reviewed…

I was surfing through the InterWeb and came across these awesome reviews for JLU #39:

From Every day is Like Wednesday:

...This was by far the best comic—in terms of writing and art—that had the words "Justice League" in the title that I’ve read in…man, I don’t know how long. Certainly that speaks to the weakness in DC’s DCU version of the title, but, at the same time, it speaks to the strengths of Fisch, Purcell and Nickerson.


Justice League Unlimited #39- It's a shame that the tie-in comic for a now-cancelled Justice League show run by Dwayne McDuffie is a better read than an actual Justice League comic written by Dwayne McDuffie, isn't it? Also, Detective Chimp, Gorilla Grodd, Batman cracking a joke, and a complete lack of the lesson-giving that's plagued this title. Buy it, love it.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Some lost photos...

Scan and I were talking about our freshman year photography class at the School of Visual Arts. I found my old negatives taken for that class, and I had a few printed up. I haven’t seen these photos in many, many years…

Above photo: Scan in his dorm room. 1985.

Above photo: Scan and his bass. 1985.

Above photo: Pro in his dorm room. 1985.

Above photo: Al’s studio at Sloane House. 1985.

Above photos: The hallways at Sloane House. 1985.

Above photo: The streets of Manhattan. 1985.

Above photo: A goofy photo of Al on the roof of Sloane House. 1986-87.

I found the (above) beat-up photo in an old box. It looks like I may have had this photo taped to either the door of my dorm room or studio.


Monday, November 5, 2007

INVINCIBLE: Best comic on the stands!

Above: Cover to INVINCIBLE #49.

The Reanimen are back, but now they're fighting for the good guys?! And if that's the case, why are they facing off against Invincible? It all comes to a head here! Events are set in motion leading up to our big issue 50 -- coming next month!

Above: Cover to INVINCIBLE #50.

It's all been building to this. After five long years, the best superhero comic book in the universe has reached its monumental FIFTIETH ISSUE! Invincible and Cecil Stedman face off and after this issue, nothing will ever be the same. Also in this issue, Science Dog returns in an all-new back-up story... and the ORIGIN OF CECIL STEDMAN!


JACK STAFF news...

Newsarama reports:

Paul Grist's acclaimed superhero series, JACK STAFF, goes monthly starting with January's JACK STAFF SPECIAL #1.

JACK STAFF creator, Paul Grist, explains things this way:

Ok - here's what’s happening with Jack Staff - basically there will be no new issues solicited for until January 2008, but once we get there it will be monthly! That should mean there will be about 6 or 7 issues completed before I start so no future scheduling problems - and if anything does happen then there's plenty of time to take evasive action. Maybe I'll even get to do a Summer Special!

art & cover PAUL GRIST

He's called Molachi the Immortal. The Eternal Warrior couldn't stop him. Nor could Charlie Raven, the greatest escapologist of the Victorian Age. Now he's turned up in Castletown, and it's Jack Staffs turn to try to stop the unstoppable! This self-contained story is an ideal introduction to JACK STAFF, the critically acclaimed superhero comic, now monthly from Image Comics.

JANUARY 16 / 32 PAGES / FC / $3.50


JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED #39 on sale this Wednesday!

Today, I received my comp copies of JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED #39. This issue looks really sharp. I noticed two inking mistakes on my part (of course, I’m not going to point them out to you). There are several color errors, as well. But, all in all, I’m very pleased with JLU #39. JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED #39 should be in comic book stores this Wednesday.



Written by Sholly Fisch; Art by Gordon Purcell and Al Nickerson; Cover by Zach Howard

Gorilla City is missing, and the world's greatest sleuth is on the case: Detective Chimp!

Johnny DC | 32pg. | Color | $2.25 US

On Sale November 7, 2007


Friday, November 2, 2007

Welcome to the world, Freeman Lee!

"Five Bucks" Bill is a happy father… again. Congratulations to Bill and the family.

We received the following e-mail and photos from Bill…

Although he arrived wearing an unfashionable cord (wrapped around his neck three times), Freeman is here and healthy. Whoo-hoo! 7lbs 12oz, 21 inches, 1:25 pm 11/1/07- all saint's day. Those of you in the know may recognize how much he resembles Sarah as a newborn.

Bill, Rhonda, Sarah, and Freeman

Above photo: Proud mom, Rhonda, and baby Freeman.

Above photo: Sarah and her little bro.

Above photo: Wine before the whine… "Five Bucks" Bill partakes in a glass wine.


Above photo: "Five Bucks" Bill and baby Freeman.


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Comics and You Tube...