Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yay for us!

Check this out! Johanna Draper Carlson had some nice things to say about ARCHIE & FRIENDS #126 (inked by yours truly) at COMICS WORTH READING:

Perhaps because the creators obviously know and love the material, this is the best recent lengthy Archie story yet.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

When will they learn?

Above: The death of Batman (or is it?) from FINAL CRISIS #6.

So, Batman is dead. Ho-hum. The jaded part of the comic book fan in me is saying: "He’ll be back." Still, this is really a non-issue for me (other than the fact that it's a dumb and over-used idea to sell comics, that is). Although I love super-heroes, I no longer read any comics published by Marvel Entertainment or DC Comics. The death of Batman (or Bruce Wayne, in this case) is just another lameo attempt by one of the Big Two publishers to sell comics. This is just as silly as slapping Barack Obama on the variant cover to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. When will some publishers learn that relying on gimmicks and idiotic ploys do not help the comic book industry?

Oddly enough, I am now reminded of comics' speculator boom of the 1990’s.

Above: The variant cover to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #583… which if you bothered waiting in line for at some comic book stores, you can now seal up in plastic bag, lock it away in vault to one day be worth enough money to pay for your kids’ college education.


Illustrations by Martin...

Above photo: Illustration by Martin.

Just so ya know, Martin has added new illustrations to his website. Ya wanna go and check them out right now, you say? Well, then, stop by Martin’s website to see some of his excellent illustrations at

Above photo: P.I.C. member and artist, Martin.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Mail Call!" or "Why bother shop at a comic book store when your friends mail you comics?"

Over the past several weeks, I’ve gotten some really great comic book booty in the mail…

Above: Sketch of everyone’s favorite Evil Cyborg Lethargic Lad by famed cartoonist, Greg Hyland.

Greg Hyland mailed me a copy of the most-excellent LETHARGiC LAD 2007. Greg signed the book, and drew a spiffy sketch of Evil Cyborg Lethargic Lad on the cover (see above). I noticed that I was included under the "Special Thanks" listing in the book. I’m not quite sure why Greg would want to thank me, though. Anyway, LETHARGiC LAD 2007 looks really sharp! If you enjoy hilariously fun super-hero comics, then LETHARGiC LAD 2007 is a must-have for you. The book includes all the LETHARGiC LAD webcomics from 2007, and is printed in the widescreen format so that every reader can enjoy each strip in its full artistic glory (what a brilliant idea). To order the limited edition LETHARGiC LAD 2007 and to read new weekly LETHARGiC LAD webcomics, stop by the LETHARGiC LAD website.

Above: Partial cover to Dave Sim’s GLAMOURPUSS #4 (ZOMBIE EDITION).

Also, in the spirit of Christmas, (CEREBUS creator) Dave Sim mailed me a copy of GLAMOURPUSS #4 (ZOMBIE EDITION). Dave signed the book, and even made a Santa Claus hat for the zombie on the cover (see above)… which I thought was very clever. For more on Dave Sim’s GLAMOURPUSS, stop by the GLAMOURPUSS website.

Merry Zombie Christmas, everyone! :)

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Friday, January 16, 2009


Above: Artwork from ARCHIE & FRIENDS #129. Pencils by Fernando Ruiz and inks by me.

A couple of days ago, I finished inking ARCHIE & FRIENDS #129. This issue is the final chapter in a four part series titled "The Cartoon Life of Chuck Clayton." This storyline was great fun to ink. I always enjoy working with Fernando Ruiz. He’s very possibly the best penciler in comics today. ARCHIE & FRIENDS #129 should be on sale on March 11th.

Here’s how Archie Comic Publications describes ARCHIE & FRIENDS #129:

"The Cartoon Life of Chuck Clayton" concludes with this latest installment. Tony Messina is a troubled kid, always getting into mischief. When he gets caught spreading graffiti in his neighborhood, his mother decides it would be best if Tony learned how to use his artistic abilities in a more positive way and enrolls him in Chuck's class. But there's a reason Tony's painted the walls in his town, and when Chuck finds out why, he decides to take action. What reason could Tony possibly have to deface property? Can Chuck find a solution beneficial to everyone? It's a poignant tale you won't want to miss, brought to you by children's educator Alex Simmons.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Scan-Man!

Above photo: P.I.C. member and PIPEDREAMS creator, Stephen Scanlon.

Hey! It’s Scan’s birthday today. Happy Birthday, Scan! Stop by Scan’s Corner for the up-to-the-minute news on Scan! Plus, you can read Scan's webcomic, PIPEDREAMS!

Above photo: (left to right) Pro and the birthday boy during a recent P.I.C. gathering in New York.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ARCHIE & FRIENDS #127 now on sale!

ARCHIE & FRIENDS #127 is now on sale! And inked by me. This issue is the second in a four part series titled "The Cartoon Life of Chuck Clayton." So, grab your copy today before all of the kiddies start stuffing them into plastic bags.

Above: Artwork from ARCHIE & FRIENDS #127. Pencils by Fernando Ruiz and inks by me.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Preview ARCHIE & FRIENDS #127...

Above: Preview page from ARCHIE & FRIENDS #127 by (penciler) Fernando Ruiz and (inker) Al Nickerson.

The ARCHIE & FRIENDS blog has posted several preview pages from ARCHIE & FRIENDS #127. This issue was inked by yours truly, and is the second of the four-part saga of "The Cartoon Life of Chuck Clayton." ARCHIE & FRIENDS #127 should be hitting comic book stores on January 14th, 2009.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Silly Marvel, silly DC...

(P.I.C. member, friend, and famed painter) Joey B and I often discuss the business side of comics. Recently, Joey B had e-mailed me about how a few comic book characters seemed to be de-evolving of late. I thought I’d share my e-mail response…

Howdy Joey B,

I breezed through the article. I feel so distant from both Marvel and DC comics, that I don’t really give a poop about their characters. Both houses seem to have moved the clock backward on some of their characters. For example, both Aquaman and Spider-Man have grown and evolved over the years, but at some point, the publishers didn’t know what else to do with the characters, so they de-evolved them and returned to telling the same dopey stories that they have already told.

The same sort of thing can be said about Superman of late. John Bynre did wonders with revamping the Superman Universe, but, now, DC has undone all of that, and made Superman into the lame hero that he was back before the 1980’s.

So, this is why I have given up on books published by Marvel and DC (plus, it helps when Marvel contemplates increasing the cover price of their books to $3.99). I enjoy comics like INVINCIBLE where the stories are engaging, where the characters grow, and where the creators don’t treat their readers like retards.

‘Nuff Said. :)

Did ya get together with Scan for New Years Eve?

Holy is the Lord! :)

Al Nickerson


Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Beth!

Hey! It’s Beth’s birthday today. Happy Birthday, Beth!

Above photo: Beth and the little Korns, Hope and Sam.