Monday, December 26, 2011

Steve Rude returns to Nexus!!!

Above: Steve Rude’s Nexus. NEXUS TM and © 2011 Mike Baron and Steve Rude.

Got this info in an e-mail from Steve Rude Art:

While Steve is waiting to give you the scoop on his tragic turn as America's Most (un)Wanted, we do have a surprising announcement to make:

Baron and Rude are re-uniting for a new Nexus story. The story will be published under the Dark Horse banner in their Dark Horse Presents anthology book. After three 10-page installments in DHP, the story will eventually be published as its own stand-alone 30 pg. book. We're withholding plot specifics at this point, but Baron's story will focus on the "nature of evil".

Baron will script, Rude will draw, ink, and letter! More details as they arise. Merry Christmas to all Nexus fans!

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Luke 2:8-14 (New International Version): 8 And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. 9 An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. 10 But the angel said to them, "Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. 11 Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. 12 This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger." 13 Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, 14 "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests."

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Now on sale: THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA 100 PROJECT softcover edition!

Above: Cover to the softcover edition of THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA 100 PROJECT.

I knew that the hardcover edition of this baby was on sale. Looks like (the softcover edition of) THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA 100 PROJECT SC (2011) is now on sale at finer comic shops, too.

1st printing. See them here for the first and only time! All of Hero Initiative's 100-plus covers to DC Comics' Justice League of America #50 are on display in this great book, with art from Mark Bagley, Alan Davis, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, George Pérez, Frank Quitely, John Romita, Sr., Alex Ross, and more! See all the covers, along with a special behind-the-scenes section showing developmental art and more! Softcover, 120 pages, PC/PB&W. NOTE: Also featuring art by Gerry Acerno, Sergio Aragones, Franco Aureliana, Art Baltazar, Nick Bradshaw, Ryan Benjamin, Joe Benitez, Jim Calafiore, Yildiray Cinar, Mark Dos Santos, Tony Fleeces, Rich Koslowski, Vassilis Gogtzilas & Sam Kieth, Cully Hamner, Jamal Igle, Scott Koblish, Derek Fridolfs, Mike Kunkel, Joseph Michael Linsner, Jeff Lemerie, Francis Manapul, Al Milgrom, Bill Morrison, Al Nickerson, Don Perlin, Dan Panosian, Francis Portella, Norm Rapmund, Tone Rodriguez, Stuart Sayger, Aaron Sowd, Ardian Syaf, Matt Wagner, Chrissy Zullo, Charlie Adlard, Mike Grell, Dan Brereton, Javier Bergantino (Bit), Dave Bullock, Anthony Castrillo, Chris Ivy, Ramon Fernandez Bachs, Dean Haspiel, Ryan Cody, Joe Jusko, JG Jones, Tim Kelly & Sam Kieth, Scott Kolins, Chris Moreno, Steve Kurth, Rick Leonardi, Aaron Lopresti, Tom Mandrake, Peter Krause, Marat Mychaels, Craig Rousseau, Tony Parker, Pere Perez, Sean Phillips, Joe Prado, Jerry Ordway, Patrick Scherberger, Jim Valentino, Billy Tucci, Andy Smith, Bob Wiacek, Rafael Albuquerque, Ben Bates, Brett Breeding, Jason Bone, Mark Buckingham, Stephanie Buscema, Victor Castro & Mark McKenna, Fernando Dagnino, Leandro Fernandez, Agnes Garbowska, RM Guéra, Gene Ha, Fred Hembeck, Dan Jurgens, Andy Kuhn, Ken Lashley, Doug Mahnke, John McCrea, Justin Norman (Moritat), Rob Osborne, David Nakayama, Gordon Purcell, Mike Perkins, Walt Simonson, Scott Rosema, Alex Saviuk, Goran Suzdka, Cory Walker, Tim Seeley & Mike Norton. Cover price $12.99.

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Friday, December 16, 2011


Above: Cover artwork to Greg Hyland’s LETHARGiC LAD 2010. Lethargic Lad and all other prominent Lethargic Lad characters are TM and © 2011 Greg Hyland.

About a week or two ago, my mailbox gave me LETHARGiC LAD 2010. The book was signed, numbered, and included a Lethargic Lad cover sketch by his creator, Greg Hyland.

LETHARGiC LAD 2010 is nicely printed, and the widescreen format is brilliant. Greg is so smart.

Above: Super-hero buddies, Nihilist-Man and Lethargic Lad, cover sketch by famed cartoonist, Greg Hyland. Nihilist-Man TM and © 2011 by me.

LETHARGiC LAD 2010 has something new. Greg added "joke-ruining annotations" to the strips. Hopefully, this will now be Lethargic Lad tradition. With his commentaries, I am reminded of how much I’ve always enjoyed reading Greg’s comments about the comics industry and pop culture.

My favorite strips in LETHARGiC LAD 2010 include the return of Lethargic Lad (after being frozen in a block of ice), Greg’s true life convention and store-signing stories, and when Evil Cyborg Lethargic Lad kills his past self,… or was that his future self?

Of course, Evil Cyborg Lethargic Lad IS the most popular Lethargic Lad character; everyone knows that. It’s nice to see that Jim Lee’s redesign of Wonder Woman’s outfit is now irrelevant. Who knew that Sentinels say "Skwark" when they croak? (They sorta do. Just check out UNCANNY X-MEN #141 and #142.) And, hey, "Rocky Raccoon" ain’t so bad. It’s better than "Within You Without You."

To order the limited edition LETHARGiC LAD 2010 and to read new weekly LETHARGiC LAD webcomics, stop by the LETHARGiC LAD website.

I give LETHARGiC LAD 2010 four out of five NM’s:

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Invincible meets the Tick?

Above: Les Mcclaine’s cover artwork for THE TICK NEW SERIES #1.

Invincible meets the Tick? Could be…




We celebrate the 100th issue of The Tick with a 48-page full-color blockbuster co-starring Robert Kirkman's INVINCIBLE! In a full-length 24-page epic, Invincible is transported to The Tick's Universe where the two mighty heroes confront the combined threat of the master criminal Chairface Chippendale and a mysterious and menacing new villain who makes even Chairface look like an ordinary umbrella stand! A story so awesome that it requires two planets (and at least one moon!) to contain it! Added bonus: THE SAGA OF THE TICK, a 20-page full-color history of The Tick's illustrious career, heavily illustrated with covers and selected artwork from all 99 previous issues of THE TICK!

Writer: Benito Cereno Artist: Les McClaine

Above: Sketch by Ryan Ottley of Invincible and two "geeks."


Writer Benito Cereno confirms THE TICK MEETS INVINCIBLE:

Looks like the word is out on the next chapter in the saga of The Tick—TICK #100! Since the cat’s out of the bag, here’s the lineart for Les McClaine’s never-before-seen cover for the special.

Above: Invincible meets the Tick by Les McClaine.


Above: Finished cover of THE TICK #100 by Les McClaine.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Now on sale: THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA 100 PROJECT hardcover book!

Above: Cover to THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA 100 PROJECT hardcover book.

Order now:

See them here for the FIRST and ONLY time! ALL of Hero Initiative’s 100+ original covers to DC Comics’ Justice League of America #50 are on display in this great book, with art by Mark Bagley, Alan Davis, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, George Pérez, Frank Quitely, John Romita Sr., Alex Ross and MORE! See all the covers, along with a special behind-the-scenes section showing developmental art and MORE! This LIMITED EDITION HARDCOVER is limited to only 500 copies worldwide, and is only available via The Hero Initiative at comic conventions and live events or Graham Crackers! Don't blow your chance! NOTE: Through special arrangement with DC Comics, there will be ONLY ONE PRINTING OF THIS BOOK EVER! Get it now so you don’t blow your chance! 120 pages squarebound full-color $30

Date Available: 11/30/2011

Above: My "original cover" contribution to THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA 100 PROJECT. Click here for a larger view.

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Ken Penders moves forward with his SONIC characters...

Ken Penders continues to claim ownership of stories and characters that he wrote and penciled during his time on SONIC THE HEDGEHOG. Penders states that he never signed a work-made-for-hire contact with Archie Comics. (See "Who owns Sonic?" and "Ken Penders versus Archie Comics..." for more details.)

And NOW, Ken Penders is planning to produce new stories and graphic novels featuring the characters that he created while working on the SONIC franchise.

From Ken Penders at the Ken Penders Forums:

Ever since I registered my copyrights for all my stories, characters and concepts that had played a part in one of the most popular comic series ever published in the modern age, I've been planning how to answer numerous reader requests regarding how I eventually intended to continue those stories, resolving many if not all of the plot points that were left dangling due to unforeseen circumstances.

While my current legal situation with three well-known companies is still an ongoing matter, I've decided now is the time to finally launch the continuing saga of the Brotherhood of the Guardians and Dark Legion in graphic novel format, starting with the first image of one of the story's major characters, whom I first introduced to the world in the REUNIFICATION storyline several years ago.


I own the copyrights to my work, I'm defending them, and I'm going forward with projects utilizing the intellectual property that is legally mine. If I didn't own the copyrights, I wouldn't have standing in a court of law to prosecute those rights. The Federal Government recognizes the documents I have, therefore I have standing. ACP is not suing me for the copyrights because they have no standing in that regard, which is where a lot of people get confused over this matter.

Let me make this explicitly clear: ACP does not, has never and will never own anything published within the covers and pages of any SONIC or SONIC-related comic except for the actual books themselves. They have no claim to any of the characters, concepts and stories that the fans enjoy. There is no © Archie Comics anywhere on any of those books for precisely that reason.

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