Friday, September 14, 2012


Above: Cover to Greg Hyland’s LETHARGiC LAD 2011. Lethargic Lad and all other prominent Lethargic Lad characters are TM and © 2012 Greg Hyland.

Tired of comics that are reboots? Annoyed with comics that are the "New" that, or "Next" this, or full of "52" crap? Then, it’s time you gave up on corporate super-hero comics and paid more attention to super-hero comics that are fun.

Today, my mailbox gave me LETHARGiC LAD 2011. The book was signed, numbered, and included a keen "Holy Crap" Lethargic Lad cover sketch by cartoonist Greg Hyland. LETHARGiC LAD 2011 is nicely printed, and the widescreen format is brilliant (as always). (Greg is still very smart.)

Greg’s writing is hysterical and his artwork is sharp. (Nice inking, Mr. Hyland.) And Greg’s annotations are entertaining and informative.

With LETHARGiC LAD 2011, Greg mocks WIZARD magazine (and who really doesn’t want to?), Rebecca Black (I forget who she is), super-hero deaths in comics, DC’s ‘New 52’, and Frank Miller’s HOLY TERROR (My favorite part of the book. But unlike Greg, I did enjoy HOLY TERROR.).

If you want to read comics that are witty and fun, then you’ll love LETHARGiC LAD 2011. I did.

To order the limited edition LETHARGiC LAD 2011 and to read new weekly LETHARGiC LAD webcomics, stop by the LETHARGiC LAD website.

I give LETHARGiC LAD 2011 four out of five NM’s:

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