Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Will Eisner Retrospective...

www.WillEisner.com, the official website of comics legend Will Eisner, is giving away 20 copies of the Will Eisner Retrospective catalogue produced by the Museum Of Comic and Cartoon Art (MOCCA), New York City in 2005. The Will Eisner Estate recently uncovered copies of this unique Eisner publication and have kindly made the books available.

Looks like I’m getting one of these babies. I received an e-mail this morning stating that three of the winners didn’t pony-up for their copies of the Will Eisner Retrospective catalogue. So, I was chosen for a free copy. Neat, huh? Thanks www.WillEisner.com!

I can‘t say enough about the great Will Eisner. So, right now, I won’t.

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