Thursday, June 11, 2009

P.I.C. talks back…

In an attempt to keep everyone more connected, P.I.C. News has sent out a questionnaire to P.I.C. members around the world. Now, P.I.C. speaks out in response! P.I.C. News will be posting each P.I.C. member’s responses on a semi-daily basis.

First up is Sean…

P.I.C. News: Where are you?
Sean: Still in Montclair, NJ.

P.I.C. News: What are you doing?
Sean: Contract Project Manager at CommonHealth online agency.

P.I.C. News: What’s new?
P.I.C. News: Contract Project Manager at CommonHealth online agency.

P.I.C. News: What book(s) are you reading now-a-days?
Sean: "Scat" by Carl Hiaasen

P.I.C. News: What comics are you reading now-a-days?
Sean: None to speak of, last one I bought was Kyle Baker's self-published The Bakers.

P.I.C. News: What music are you listening to?
Sean: Rocket Man from One-Day Band from NPR.

P.I.C. News: What was the last good movie that you saw?
Sean: Let the Right One In.

P.I.C. News: What movie do you never get tired of watching?
Sean: Citizen Kane.

P.I.C. News: Who is your favorite hero?
Sean: Malcolm X (oh - did you mean comic book? er, DareDevil).

P.I.C. News: Who is your favorite villain?
Sean: Dick Cheney (in comic books: The Vulture).

P.I.C. News: Who would win in a fight between Batman and Captain Kirk?
Sean: Batman.

P.I.C. News: What is your favorite Sloane House and/or SVA memory?
Sean: All of them.

Above photo: Sean having a smoke in a classroom at the School of Visual Arts. School year 1986-1987.

P.I.C. News: Where do you want to be in ten years?
Sean: Retired in Boca/Arizona or Victoria in Canada.

P.I.C. News: Is there any other news that you would like to share with the rest of us?
Sean: We have 2 new cats, Jonesy and Stu/Grady. I still haven't seen the Watchmen movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, nor Terminator: Salvation, though Wolverine looks shitty from the promos, and I hear bad things about Terminator. UP! is another winner! (Can we PLEASE give an animated movie a best picture nomination now.)

Above photo (Left to right): Sean, Scan, and Miguel during Miguel’s 2008 New Year’s Eve festivity.



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