Tuesday, September 25, 2007

P.I.C. answers back…

Last week, I sent out a questionnaire to P.I.C. members around the world asking the following questions: "Where are you?", "What are you doing?", "What’s new?", "What are you reading now-a-days?", and "What music are you listening to?" Here are some responses…


-Where are you?: San Bernardino, CA

-What are you doing?: Teaching full-time at the Art Institute of California

-What's new?: I just bought a house!

-What are you reading now-a-days?: Textbooks - I'm working on my MFA. Also Christopher Moore - He's hilarious

-What music are you listening to?: I've been in a Jimmy Cliff mood lately.

Al Nickerson

-Where are you?: New York.

-What are you doing?: Inking for DC Comics and Archie Comic Publications, writing for BACK ISSUE magazine, and promoting NIHILIST-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS #1.

-What’s new?: I just started a blog!

-What are you reading now-a-days?: The Bible (as always); and I finished "45 Minutes in Heaven" by Don Piper. I’m also reading some great comics like INVINCIBLE, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: SEASON EIGHT, and JACK STAFF.

-What music are you listening to?: Delirious, Rebecca St. James, and BarlowGirl.


-Where are you?: Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn

-What’s new?: See my website: http://martinschneebalg.com/illustration/

-What are you reading now-a-days?: Birds of Prey, Astonishing X-men, All-Star Superman

-What music are you listening to?: Magnetic Fields, XTC, I Like itunes to experiment with different types of music- I downloaded Peter, Paul, & Mary, Serge Gainsborough, Robert Pollard, Franz Ferdinand, Stuff from the 70s & 80s...


-Where are you?: Los Angeles

-What are you doing?: Art Studio Manager. Still working hard at trying to get my Lilz License launched.

-What’s new?: My work is out in a new Magazine called Carrie Leigh's "Nude". My name is even on the cover I will be a featured illustrator in every issue to come.

-What are you reading now-a-days?: LOL.. I don't think I have picked up a comic book in over a year. The last thing I read was the last Harry Potter book

-What music are you listening to?: Korn, Brooklyn Bounce, Metallica, My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park...

Hope everyone is well. –Joel


-Where are you?: I am in beautiful Madison WI. with my wife Hulya and our little pup.

-What are you doing?: My wife and I wrote a children's book and I'm currently illustrating it.

-What’s new?: Let's see... I recently worked on a small movie call The Dark Knight, I think that's the name of it. It stars a couple of actors, Christian Bale, Aaron Eckart, some guy named Gary Oldman hee-hee. Yeah I got some Extra work in the up coming Batman movie when it was filming in Chicago. I'm in a scene with Bale and Eckart. It was a real surreal treat to see how they film a big Hollywood movie. I signed a non disclosure so I can not give you any details at this time.

-What are you reading now-a-days?: Other than Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I've lapsed on comics the last four or five months, but I'm just starting Barack Obama's "The Audacity Of Hope" and re reading "Living the Martial Way" by Forrest E. Morgan.

-What music are you listening to?: I am currently entranced by Brandi Carlile. Her song "The Story" roped me in and now I enjoy much of her other work. I also really love KT Tungstall. If you people have not switched to Satellite radio do yourselves a favor and invest. You'll never go back to radio. (I chose Sirius)


-Where are you?: Back in Jersey in the lost wilderness of Atlantic Highlands.

-What are you doing?: No comment.

-What’s new?: My nephew, who I adore, and is the main reason I'm glad to be back in Jersey.

-What are you reading now-a-days?: Periodicals, left wing web sites, and some blog by a friend of mine.

-What music are you listening to?: My ipod collection of 70's pop, 60's garage, 21st century alt pop. Mostly one hit wonders and of course, RINGO!


-Where are you?: I hate quiz’s!

-What are you doing?: This must have been Nickerson’s stupid idea!

-What’s new?: Where are my smokes?

-What are you reading now-a-days?: Where are the chicks?

-What music are you listening to?: So, I said to me wife: "No! I said I wanted EIGHT bananas!"



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