Saturday, October 27, 2007

Burt Hasen Dies at 85…

From the New York Times…

Burt Hasen, a New York painter who drew inspiration from his experience working with maps as a military technician during World War II, died on Friday in Manhattan. He was 85 and lived in Lower Manhattan.

He died after being ill for several months, said his wife, Mary Hasen.

For more info check out this New York Times article.

Mr. Hasen passed away on September 7th. This is sad. Burt Hasen, cousin to cartoonist Irwin Hasen, was my painting instructor at the School of Visual Arts. Mr. Hasen could really paint. He was an amazing artist.



Blogger anthonye44 said...

Burt was also my drawing and painting teacher at SVA. He impressed me as an artist, as well as a man. He never looked down on his students, and didn't call us students, but "young artists." He was a well traveled man, and inspired me to travel with my art. It was due to him that I moved to Taiwan, one month after I graduated SVA, and stayed in Asia for 18 years. With inspiration, from him, I connected my art to the cultures I lived in over there. He was a great man, and a wonderful teacher.

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