Friday, February 15, 2008

The old order changeth!

Dear members of P.I.C.,

Initially, "P.I.C." stood for "Perverts in College." After college, "P.I.C." became "Professionals in Careers."

However, times have changed. Looking back, a few members of P.I.C. realized that a new phrase should be selected for the "P.I.C." acronym.

So, after a majority vote by the seven P.I.C. elders, it has been decided that "P.I.C." now stands for "Professional Illustrators & Cartoonists." The new phrase seems more appropriate and relevant to our current careers and to our group as a whole.

Please keep updated to the goings on of P.I.C. at the P.I.C. News blog:

I pray that this e-mail finds you joyful and productive.

Al Nickerson



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