Wednesday, December 10, 2008

ARCHIE & FRIENDS #126 now on sale!

ARCHIE & FRIENDS #126 is now on sale! And inked by yours truly. So, grab your copy today before all the kiddies start hoarding them.

Here’s how Archie Comic Publications describes ARCHIE & FRIENDS #126:

The Cartoon Life of Chuck Clayton, Part One: Gnomes & Stick Figure Funnies": Chuck Clayton takes center stage in this special storyline. Chuck is asked to teach an after-school program in cartooning to elementary school kids... and it isn't long before he learns the kids can be more hyperactive than his doodles! Can Chuck ultimately connect with the kids and help them create the next comic book classics? Will his temporary teaching gig lead to bigger and better things, or is his tenure soon to be terminated? The answer's just a splash panel away! This new multi-part epic comes courtesy of someone who knows his way around both creating and teaching comics, namely acclaimed writer, children's art advocate, and organizer of the world's only "Kids' Comics" convention, Alex Simmons.

Above: Artwork from ARCHIE AND FRIENDS #126 by (penciler) Fernando Ruiz and (inker) Al Nickerson.



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