Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ATOMIC ROBO and "The Yonkers Devil"...

Above: Scott Wegener’s artwork from page one of "The Yonkers Devil."

By now, everyone should know that I think that ATOMIC ROBO is a rockin’ comic! Why read comics that stink of poo when ya can read an excellent comic like ATOMIC ROBO!?! Anyway, when I found out that there was a new seven-part ATOMIC ROBO webcomic titled "The Yonkers Devil," I just had to ask ATOMIC ROBO artist and co-creator, Scott Wegener, some questions…

P.I.C News: How did "The Yonkers Devil" come about?

Scott Wegener: It was an experiment. I wanted to draw Robo using blue-lead and graphite, rather than blue-lead and inks. So we just decided to have some fun and see how it would look.

P.I.C News: Was this story always intended to be a webcomic?

Scott Wegener: Yup!

P.I.C News: "The Yonkers Devil" will be a daily webcomic, one page per day, for seven days?

Scott Wegener: Yes. After seven days we run out of pages. =)

P.I.C News: Will the webcomic be collected in a future trade paperback? For that matter, will the two ATOMIC ROBO stories from Free Comic Book Day ever be collected in a trade paperback?

Scott Wegener: That's a good question. Right now we don't know. FCBD 2008 is reprinted in the Vol.2 TPB, and FCBD 2009 will be reprinted in the Vol.4 TPB

P.I.C News: What’s Atomic Robo’s favorite television show?

Scott Wegener: Good question. I don't think Robo has time to watch TV. (much like his creators).

P.I.C News: What new Atomic Robo projects are you working on now?

Scott Wegener: We just started working on ATOMIC ROBO Vol.4: ATOMIC ROBO & OTHER STRANGENESS.

Links to each page of "The Yonkers Devil" can be found at nuklearpower.com under the "Some Stuff That Was Said" heading. For more on ATOMIC ROBO stop by atomic-robo.com.



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