Thursday, December 31, 2009


Above: Les Mcclaine’s cover artwork for the all-new THE TICK NEW SERIES #1.

I’ve enjoyed Les Mcclaine’s comics for years now. I especially like his LIFE WITH LESLIE comic. I’m also a fan of the Tick. When I read that Les would be working on a new Tick comic, I just knew that I would end up purchasing THE TICK NEW SERIES #1.

From Les Mcclaine’s blog:

The Tick: All-New #1 written by Benito Cereno, drawn by me. It’s a new ongoing series, with us as the creative team. Oh, we’ve got such plans.


It’s gonna be good and we want it to do real well. Also, Arthur has some pretty shapely legs on that cover.

Les Mcclaine did an excellent job with the art. Benito Cereno (Jamie Groover) wrote some very witty dialogue. Also, the story includes an "Uncanny X-Mas" party at the Comet Club, the annoying Barry, a milk-drinking Man-Eating Cow, Arthur at the Sidekick’s Lounge, and a snow-peeing Chairface Chippendale. How could any Tick fan not dig any of that?

My only complaint, and it’s a minor one, is the cover price. $4.95 for a 32-page (23 pages of story) full-color comic book? I suppose, in this age of Diamond Comic Distributors, independent publishers can only survive with higher cover prices.

If you’re a fan of THE TICK animated series or other Tick comics, then you’ll love THE TICK NEW SERIES #1. Don’t be a Barry, pick up this comic!

I give THE TICK NEW SERIES #1 four out of five NM’s:

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