Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I read IMAGE UNITED #1...

Above: Artwork to Jim Lee’s variant cover to IMAGE UNITED #1. Inks by Scott Williams.

I have always liked Image Comics. They publish some really wonderful books. I also enjoy comic book team-ups and crossovers. So, it’s no surprise that I have been looking forward to IMAGE UNITED #1.

IMAGE UNITED #1 is a pretty good read. Nice artwork by the various Image creators. Robert Kirkman (my favorite comic book writer) does a fine job with the writing. The coloring is absolutely beautiful! And it’s really fun to see some of the original Image characters teaming-up again (although, I would have loved to see the Maxx and Trencher show up, as well). It kinda reminds my of the early days of Image Comics.

Not a whole lot happens in issue one, though. There’s some big bad that all of the Image super-heroes need to band together to confront. Not much else happens. This is understandable, of course. It’s only the first issue of the mini-series.

The down side to IMAGE UNITED #1 is that I thought the $3.99 cost was kinda pricey. There’s twenty-four pages of the main story with a six-page HAUNT story. $3.99 might be a bit much, but, I think many comic books are too expensive now-a-days, anyway.

If you enjoyed the early years of Image Comics, then you should enjoy IMAGE UNITED #1, as well.

I give IMAGE UNITED #1 three and a half out of five NM’s:

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