Friday, October 23, 2009

Don't stand in poo!

Above: A Cerebus print by Dave Sim.

Lately, I am (more often than not) reminded of what Dave Sim stated in his Pro/Con address from April 1, 1993:

I can certainly tell you that the happiest days of my life are the days when someone goes "over the wall": The day that Image left Malibu; the day Steve Bissette decided that his royalties from 1963 were going to finance his long-delayed start in self-publishing; the day Colleen Doran decided that her goal was to do A Distant Soil exclusively and that any work she did for any company was just a means to that end. And most particularly the day when Alan Moore said to me, after leaving DC for the last time: "When you find out you've been standing in shit, you don't jump up and down on it to punish it, you walk away."

"That Annoying Pro/Con ’93 Speech" by Dave is a must-read for any cartoonist and for those interested in comic book Creator’s Rights.

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