Monday, November 2, 2009

Is Lethargic Lad dead!?!

Above: Artwork from LETHARGIC LAD by famed cartoonist, Greg Hyland.

Is Lethargic Lad dead!?! Could be. Comic book characters die and come back all the time. And Lethargic Lad has died at least twice before, right? Just check out LETHARGIC COMICS #1 and "Lethargic Lad R.I.P." So, is Lethargic Lad dead? P.I.C. News has the inside scoop with an exclusive interview with LETHARGIC LAD creator, Greg Hyland...

P.I.C. News: Is Lethargic Lad dead?

Greg Hyland: Lethargic Lad is as dead as Batman and Captain America!

Stay tuned for continuing updates!



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