Friday, June 18, 2010


Above: My copy of LETHARGIC LAD 2009 which includes a cover sketch of the New Lethargic Lad by Greg Hyland.

Do you want to read comics that don’t give you a headache? Do you want to read comics that don’t treat you like an idiot? Well, then you should be reading LETHARGIC LAD.

In a comic book world full of undead Black Lanterns, zombies, shape-shifting aliens, reboots, retcons, and money-sucking-world-shattering-crossover-mega-events that lead to nothing, there remain a few comics that are still fun, entertaining, and well-crafted. One of those includes Greg Hyland’s LETHARGIC LAD (there are others such as INVINCIBLE, ATOMIC ROBO, and THE TICK NEW SERIES, but we’re not discussing those books right now).

Today, my mailbox gave me my copy of LETHARGIC LAD 2009. It came with Greg Hyland’s cover sketch. This book collects LETHARGIC LAD webcomics featuring the "Frankenstein School", "Lethargic Lad R.I.P.", the Blog-Boy Legion, a naked Walrus Boy (Wah), the Real Dark Lethargic Lads, Black Suit Lethargic Space Zombies, the death of Lethargic Lad (again?), and the New Lethargic Lad. Also, LETHARGIC LAD 2009 has plenty of Pop Culture and comic book mockery… which I always enjoy.

If you’re not reading LETHARGIC LAD, then you’re probably reading a bunch of crap.

To purchase LETHARGIC LAD 2009 or to read the weekly LETHARGIC LAD webcomic, head on over to

I give LETHARGIC LAD 2009 four out of five NM’s:

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