Monday, October 29, 2007

Solly Sol is alive!

Above photo (Left to right): Scan, Al, Miguel and Solly Sol in the men’s room at Sloane House. School year 1986-87.

I got the following e-mail from Solly Sol…

Yo Al,

Great to hear from you and really mind blowing to see some of the photos in your blog. I am very much alive and well and living with my wife out in Montgomery county, PA. I was hoping that Joe would pass my contact info around and it seems he has done so.

Just got married last year and I am a manager for a technical support desk. I am also singing in a death metal band ( I have not kept in contact with anyone from SVA in a long time (I was quite lost for a while) but have recently reconnected with a few-namely Joe and Jason Cotter ( I don't know if you remember him or not). Jason married Sue Neuman (another Sloane house former inmate) and they seem to be doing quite well. I think the last I had heard from any of you guys was Steve called me for a reunion at Twins, which I was not able to make. I did have the chance to walk by Sloane House a few years ago and it seems to have been turned into expensive condos. But then again much in New York has changed since our days at SVA.

How are things with you? I am glad to see that things are going good for you and that you are doing the comic book thing professionally. Let me know what else is going on.

Feel free to forward my e-mail address to those guys and keep posting those pictures. I am going to try to dig some up myself but I do not think I have much.



Above photo: A recent photo of Solly Sol and his wife, Carol.

If anyone is interested in contacting Solly Sol, please e-mail him at:



Blogger Scanman said...

I remember Jason and I remeber Sue though I had not thought of them in at least 18 years. It's funny seeing the change of appearances of the gang. Even funnier to me is the fact that when I met Sol, I though he was Korn before I got more familiar with them. They have similar backgrounds.

I just think it's funny that Sol and Korn have similar hair or lack of hairstyles these days.

And they both married redheads.

October 29, 2007 at 11:26 PM  

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