Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Silly Marvel, silly DC...

(P.I.C. member, friend, and famed painter) Joey B and I often discuss the business side of comics. Recently, Joey B had e-mailed me about how a few comic book characters seemed to be de-evolving of late. I thought I’d share my e-mail response…

Howdy Joey B,

I breezed through the article. I feel so distant from both Marvel and DC comics, that I don’t really give a poop about their characters. Both houses seem to have moved the clock backward on some of their characters. For example, both Aquaman and Spider-Man have grown and evolved over the years, but at some point, the publishers didn’t know what else to do with the characters, so they de-evolved them and returned to telling the same dopey stories that they have already told.

The same sort of thing can be said about Superman of late. John Bynre did wonders with revamping the Superman Universe, but, now, DC has undone all of that, and made Superman into the lame hero that he was back before the 1980’s.

So, this is why I have given up on books published by Marvel and DC (plus, it helps when Marvel contemplates increasing the cover price of their books to $3.99). I enjoy comics like INVINCIBLE where the stories are engaging, where the characters grow, and where the creators don’t treat their readers like retards.

‘Nuff Said. :)

Did ya get together with Scan for New Years Eve?

Holy is the Lord! :)

Al Nickerson



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