Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Steve Bissette, Frank Miller, DC, Marvel, and censorship...

Above: TYRANT artwork by Steve Bissette.

At his blog, Mr. Steve Bissette has posted "Forgotten Comics Wars Or: How Angry Freelancers Made It Possible for A New Mainstream Comics Era (Including Vertigo) to Exist…"

Here, Steve Bissette shares his insights and experience on the 1980’s censorship issues with Marvel Comics and DC Comics. Steve includes documents and a snazzy drawing by Frank Miller.

I very much enjoyed Mr. Bissette’s "Forgotten Comics Wars" blog article. In 1986-87, I was a young, snot-nosed, college kid, but I vaguely recall the censorship debate between comic book creators and the Big Two. Now, thanks to Steve, I’m aware of the particulars. Love that Frank Miller drawing.

It seems apparent that Steve Bissette and other comic book creators had a nice sense of comradery back in those days. Too bad we don’t have that today.

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