Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Scott McCloud...

Above photo: Scott McCloud, cartoonist and author of UNDERSTANDING COMICS and MAKING COMICS.

Here's an interesting article about/with Scott McCloud:

"One of the problems with Reinventing is that it includes a lot of ideas I’d had from years before and never got around to putting in a book," Scott admits. "I’m still passionately devoted to them, but was still moving on from some of them; especially some of the stuff from the first half of the book that were things from years before. There was stuff like the Creators’ Bill or Rights, which I’d been thinking about, and decided that it was something I needed to put to paper. It was like cleaning up. I think it felt that way for a lot of people, a little by the numbers."


"I’ve always been more interested in what’s possible in the future than what’s happened in the past. I’ve never been very nostalgic and have never been much of a collector. You’re never going to hear me moaning about how much better comics were when I was a kid, because they weren’t! Comics are much better now…"

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