Friday, August 5, 2011

Creators continue to speak out about Kirby vs. Marvel decision…

Above: Steve Bissette’s Tyrant.

Steve Bissette discusses further the Kirby versus Marvel/Disney verdict in "Honoring A Fallen King, Part 2". In addition, Mr. Bissette writes about Copyright, work-for-hire, Stan Lee, John Byrne, and contracts:

However, some of the worst abuses of creators I have seen in this and other fields are linked to work-for-hire language and contracts (specifically, the worst I have ever seen came out of Archie Comics, Disney, and various gaming companies, none of whom I have personally worked for under such contracts, though I have copies of those contracts in my files).

Above: Dave Sim’s Cerebus.

Also, thanks to Steve Bissette, as he posted a link to Dave Sim’s recent fax concerning Dave’s thoughts on Jack Kirby, Marvel, and work-for-hire.

For more insights to Steve and Dave’s views on comic book Creator's Rights, visit Ya Can't Erase Ink...

And Colleen Doran continues with "MUST READ: Copyhype on the Kirby Case":

Creators, the lesson was hard won by our forefathers. Don’t sign away your precious creations without the full understanding of what you are doing. I’ve signed many work for hire agreements, and have never had cause to regret it, because the work for hire contracts I sign with DC Comics are substantially better than anything creators got 50 years ago.

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