Monday, August 15, 2011

D.J. and Al talk Kirby (and Jack Kirby talks, too)…

Above photo: The King of Comics at his drawing table.

Here’s a recent e-mail exchange between D.J. (Drawer O’ Stuff) Coffman and myself concerning Jack Kirby:

Al, you know what might be cool? If someone emailed this MP3 of Jack Kirby's own voice stating that HE and HE ALONE created the comics and how the process worked.

I think that kinda using his own voice, it's testimony from beyond the grave that counteracts the horsecrap Stan Lee said.

Good day!


Hi DJ,

Thanks for the mp3. I love these old Jack Kirby audio interviews.

I’ve heard and read similar comments by Jack Kirby about he being the sole writer of the comics that he drew. Kirby made such claims to Will Eisner in SHOP TALK and Gary Groth in THE COMICS JOURNAL.

The problem I have with that is (and I’m sure you’re going to disagree with me) that it contradicts the opinions of others like Stan Lee (who I know you dislike), Joe Simon, Roger Stern (who found the Stan Lee plot for FF #1), and even Steve Ditko.

I love Jack Kirby’s work. I believe that he was lied to and screwed by Marvel. I very much doubt that Marvel would exist without the contributions of Jack Kirby. And I think that Marvel/Disney should honor such contributions. But, I have such difficulty believing that Jack Kirby was the only writer of all the comics that he worked on when others say otherwise, especially when at the time of those interviews, Kirby’s memory was quite poor. Am I wrong here?

I hope you don’t think this is a slam against a man that you and I both greatly respect. I just have my doubts.

Does Mark talk specifically about this topic in KING OF COMICS? I don’t recall. I’ll "Cc" this e-mail to him.

Glory to God.

Professor Al Nickerson

Hey AL, no worries there. I just thought in light of how the judge tossed out expert testimony, and basically said well, Stan was there so his testimony was superior... that maybe they'd want to hear Jack in his own words. Because, ultimately he was there too. :)

Nothing against those other guys, they're all great! But they weren't "there" to witness the actual creations either.

I never take anything personal Al! I love you man! :) Thanks for keeping this issue out there and people talking about it!


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Blogger Scanman said...

Plus, If you look at the dialogue Kirby wrote in the 1970s and compare it to the 1960s stuff he drew and Stan Lee got credit for. It's a lot more different and simplistic than the dialogue of Ditko's, Heck's and Colan's stuff Stan Lee alos gets credit for.

August 22, 2011 at 1:38 PM  

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