Monday, December 26, 2011

Steve Rude returns to Nexus!!!

Above: Steve Rude’s Nexus. NEXUS TM and © 2011 Mike Baron and Steve Rude.

Got this info in an e-mail from Steve Rude Art:

While Steve is waiting to give you the scoop on his tragic turn as America's Most (un)Wanted, we do have a surprising announcement to make:

Baron and Rude are re-uniting for a new Nexus story. The story will be published under the Dark Horse banner in their Dark Horse Presents anthology book. After three 10-page installments in DHP, the story will eventually be published as its own stand-alone 30 pg. book. We're withholding plot specifics at this point, but Baron's story will focus on the "nature of evil".

Baron will script, Rude will draw, ink, and letter! More details as they arise. Merry Christmas to all Nexus fans!

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