Saturday, November 26, 2011

"Steve Rude Arrest Update" Update…

Above: Nexus meets Madman sketch by Steve Rude. NEXUS TM and © 2011 Mike Baron and Steve Rude. MADMAN TM and © 2011 Mike Allred. Again, To check out, and purchase, Steve Rude’s artwork, visit

After my previous post, "Steve Rude Arrest Update", I received the following e-mail letter from Steve Rude’s wife, Jaynelle. She wanted to clarify things a bit more:


Just read your blog. Just to clarify, he tossed rocks at our side wall (we don't have wood fences here in AZ, everything is bricks or rocks). He has noticed in the past that when he opens and closes his studio window (which faces their yard) the dogs will stop barking for a minute or two). The dogs were in the backyard.

Steve loves dogs and I would hate for anyone to think he was throwing rocks at the dogs! Barking dogs is a problem with the owners, not the dogs.

Thanks for sending me the link to the update. We haven't been following the news (been overwhelmed and overworked). Please let everyone know that Steve would NEVER harm an animal of any kind. He wanted to cry last year when the neighbors had a bee problem and the guy came out and killed instead of relocated all of them.

The incident is bizarre.


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