Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ARCHIE & FRIENDS #120 on sale now!

ARCHIE & FRIENDS #120 came out this week or last week. As with the previous issue, I inked the first half of the comic and Jim Amash inked the second half… even though (again) the comic’s inking credit reads "Amash/Nickerson". I know… it doesn’t make any sense to me, either. Anyway, buy your copies before all of the kiddies get their greedy little hands on them first!

For a preview of ARCHIE & FRIENDS #120, go to where the website has posted the first seven pages (the pages that I had inked).

Here’s how Archie Comic Publications describes ARCHIE & FRIENDS #120:

"Archie World Tour Part 4 of 4: The Who Stole My Girl Affair": When Archie and his friends set out on their quest to see five cities in ten days, they looked forward to getting as many sightseeing thrills as possible. Little did they know they'd get a heaping helping of suspense and intrigue as well! Now, Veronica's been kidnapped and the race is on to find and rescue her before it's too late. This leads to a whirlwind trek from Rome to Zurich in pursuit of the mysterious 'Green Man' and his minions. Along the way Archie and friends will befuddle the Italian police, trash a movie set, stowaway on a jet, frustrate the Zurich police, storm a fortress, confound half the criminal underworld - and somehow still come off as good ambassadors of the United States! Don't miss this hysterical, fast-paced, action-packed salute to super-spy films everywhere, as Archie finally unravels the Green Man's plans and discovers a plot that could bring Europe to its knees (and imagine how much that will hurt) in this thrilling conclusion to the four-part epic!



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