Sunday, May 25, 2008

ARCHIE & FRIENDS #119 on sale now!

Above: Artwork from ARCHIE AND FRIENDS #119. Pencils by Rex Lindsey and inks by Al Nickerson.

Looks like ARCHIE & FRIENDS #119 came out this past week (or the week before). I inked the first half of the issue and Jim Amash inked the second half… even though the comic’s inking credit reads "Amash/Nickerson". Ugh. Buy your copies before all of the kiddies get them first!

"Archie World Tour Part 3 of 4": Continuing their quest to see five cities in ten days, Archie and his friends barely have time to reminisce about London and Madrid before arriving in Nairobi, Kenya! Everyone is excited as they visit one local landmark after another, including the state museum and zoo. Of course, no trip would be complete without some suspenseful intrigue, and this one is no different as Archie and Jughead find themselves being trailed by two mysterious men. Who are they, and what are they up to? Acclaimed writer, children’s art advocate, and organizer of the world’s only "Kids Comics" convention, Alex Simmons returns to handle the script chores, while fan-favorite Rex Lindsey is back with some of the best art of his career. It all adds up to one world tour you won’t want to miss!



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