Friday, May 9, 2008

SONIC X #34...

Above: Artwork from SONIC X #34 by (penciler) David Hutchison and (inker) Al Nickerson.

Several days ago, I finished inking the second half of SONIC X #34. I believe that Terry Austin is inking the first half. Dunno for sure. Anyway, this was a fun job to ink. I’ve never inked any Sonic the Hedgehog stories before. I don’t think I‘ve ever worked on anything with such a strong Manga feel, either.

SONIC X #34 is scheduled to be on sale in comic book stores on June 25th. Get your copy early before all the kiddies grab them up.

Here’s how Archie Comic Publications describes SONIC X #34:

"Fool Party": When Chris’ father holds a charity auction with the top prize being a personal pool party at Thorndyke Manor, guess what egg-shaped no-goodnik places the highest bid? Sonic and Tails make the scene to make sure Eggman doesn’t steal it… or more precisely, doesn’t steal one of Grandpa Chuck’s special motors! Hopefully Eggman won’t find out that Sonic can’t swim!



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