Saturday, August 9, 2008

ARCHIE AND FRIENDS #126 and some sad news...

Above: Artwork from ARCHIE AND FRIENDS #126 by (penciler) Fernando Ruiz and (inker) Al Nickerson.

I’ve been swamped with inking work of late. Besides inking some Jughead stories, I started my inking run on ARCHIE AND FRIENDS #126-129. ARCHIE AND FRIENDS #126 should arrive in comic book stores in December.

In other Archie Comics news, Archie Comics Publications Chairman, Michael Silberkleit, passed away on August 5th. Michael was a really nice guy. I spoke with him a few times. He was always very polite and cheerful when I had the opportunity to meet him. It’s so sad when one of the good guys leaves us. Please keep the Silberkleit family in your prayers.

The obituary sent out by Archie Comics Publications states in part:

Michael I. Silberkleit, the chairman of Archie Comic Publications, died August 5th in New York City at the age of 76, after a short battle with cancer.

For much of the 60 years he worked at Archie Comics, Silberkleit shared the leadership of the company with Richard Goldwater, whose father, John Goldwater, and his partner, Louis Silberkleit, Michael’s father, founded the company.



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