Monday, June 15, 2009

Troubles for Diamond???

Cartoonist D.J. Coffman has written an eye-opening article on possible new problems with Diamond Comic Distributors…

Three of the stories of creators not being paid by KNOWN publishers leads back to the excuse given that DIAMOND COMICS owes the publisher money. The first time I heard this excuse I thought it was bogus... but the second and third time I heard it from totally different creators who don't even know each other, it made me start to worry something was up with Diamond.

Diamond Comic Distributors is THE only distributor of comic books to retailers in the Direct Market. I had no idea that Diamond MIGHT be in such financial trouble. It’s certainly bad news for retailers. Publishers will find a way to get their books out there if anything bad should happen to Diamond. I like the Amazon suggestion. There’s also the option of the non-returnable bookstore market. Still, if Diamond should fall, it’s comics’ own fault. The Direct Market is broken. We need other viable options for distribution. But, there’s very little change being done. If Diamond Comic Distributors should fold, what would that mean for the comic book market?

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