Monday, August 22, 2011

Who wrote what...?

Above: Cover to Mark Evanier’s most-excellent KIRBY: KING OF COMICS.

I’ve been rereading Mark Evanier’s KIRBY: KING OF COMICS to get Mark’s insights on the issue of who wrote what in the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby collaborations.

Mark, also, addressed this in "Who did what on the Lee-Kirby collaborations?"

Mark Evanier states:

I do think Stan has been unfairly maligned by those who've said that all he did was retype and polish Jack's notations. I also think Jack was wronged to some extent by credits that gave him no credit for anything other than drawing because he certainly did more than that.

That seems believable and reasonable to me.

Above photo: Two inside pages from KIRBY: KING OF COMICS.

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