Saturday, July 18, 2009

LETHARGIC LAD 2008 review...

Above: My copy of LETHARGIC LAD 2008 which includes a sketch of everyone’s favorite Iron Clad Lethargic Lad by Greg Hyland.

LETHARGIC LAD is awesome! I’ve been a fan of LETHARGIC LAD and it’s different incarnations since (I think) 1992. LETHARGIC LAD has consistently been a great comic. I’m not saying this because I inked several "No Mutants" stories that appeared in LETHARGIC COMICS. I’m not saying this because Lethargic Lad teamed-up with Nihilist-Man. I am saying this because Greg Hyland’s LETHARGIC LAD has always had a certain intelligence, charm, and wit that is rarely found in comics. Plus, Greg’s cartoony artwork is rockin’! And LETHARGIC LAD 2008 is no exception. This book collects all of the webcomics from last year. The comics are in full color and are displayed in a windscreen format to best capture all of their comic book goodness. I consider Greg Hyland a friend, but I have been a LETHARGIC LAD fan even longer.

I give LETHARGIC LAD 2008 four and a half out of five NM’s:

Above: Who is the real Evil Cyborg Lethargic Lad? Panels from LETHARGIC LAD 2008.

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