Friday, July 10, 2009

LETHARGiC LAD 2008 now on sale!

Above: Cover artwork to LETHARGiC LAD 2008 by Greg Hyland.

Greg Hyland’s LETHARGiC LAD 2008 is now on sale! Me want!

Here’s what Greg had to say:

My new book, LETHARGiC LAD 2008, is now on sale exclusively here at LETHARGiC LAD 2008 contains all the strips done in 2008 in one 46 page full colour book, in a format featuring one strip per page. The colour version of the book will be signed and numbered and limited to a run of 50 copies. Also, an area on the cover has been left blank for me to do an original Lethargic Lad sketch.



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